IOTeam - IOT Box (Industry sector)

Our product has been produced specifically for the IOT industry. It is in a structure that can be controlled by all existing industrial machines. The embedded software architecture in it can be easily integrated according to my customers, which may vary according to the sector. It has a power structure that will support all communication protocols and work globally.


Today, people automate as much of their work as possible in order to have more time for themselves. Thus, they can save time and allocate more time to other works, and they can do their existing work with greater efficiency. Bringing automated, measurable and intelligent systems, the concept of IoT provides people with speed and efficiency. The freedom of not having to think about when this device should work, as well as the time savings created by being able to remotely operate a device instead of going to it and manually controlling the device, is gradually being preferred globally. We offer support and solutions in this regard with our "IOTeam" card, which we design manufacture, test, and apply ourselves. The aim is to transfer most of the actions that people do manually and create a system where it is controlled by software and electronics, so that people can spare time for different tasks, and the efficiency of existing systems can be systematically examined or controlled.


✴ 90-250VAC voltage, 47/63 Hz Frequency,
✴ 5VA power consumption,
✴ The device supports 16x2 character LCD and HMI touch screens, with RS232 communication(max 1 meter power and communication cable.),
✴ Connection type is in the form of pluggebla terminal for the connection of sensors and air conditioner motor,
✴ 1x 16A relay: 30.000.000 switching without load; 250V AC,16A (for resistive load) 100,000 switching (AC supplied to the system is output from these relays.),
✴ 2x 8A relays: 30.000.000 switching without load; 300.000 at 250V AC, 8A resistive load switching (AC supplied to the system is output from these relays.),
✴ 1x 8A relay: 250V AC,8A (for resistive load), COM+NC,
✴ 1x AC PWM,
✴ 1x Energy measurement module,
✴ MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP for communication with PLC,
✴ 10/100 Mbps isolated ethernet port on the device,
✴ 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi is integrated,
✴ 2G GSM is integrated,
✴ Special security layers for software security on the device,
✴ 7 x Input/Output 3.3V /20mA,
✴ Ambient Temperature 0...50 °C / -25...70 °C,
✴ Sensitivity 0.1 °C (can be selected as 0.1 °C or 1 °C),
✴ Accuracy +1 °C (of full scale) + 1 digit,
✴ Time Accuracy +1% - 1sec,
✴ RTC (Real Time Clock) on the device,
✴ Control Format: Single set-value control,
✴ Control Method: Online and offline mode sensor — on-off control,
✴ Hysteresis: Adjustable between 0.1......... 45.0 °C/F,
✴ The device is provide remotely accessible, data about the area in which it is used can be accessed by the customer, if desired,
✴ The device can store data up to 1 MB in its internal memory,
✴ The device can work in both online and offline mode,
✴ The device has a customer-specific remote software update,
✴ Customer-specific mobile application software is available for the device. It can be used by changing the theme specific to the desired sector.


✴ It has the appropriate infrastructure for Industry 4.0,
✴ Providing suitable redesign for machines,
✴ Software architecture variability suitable for industries,
✴ Supports many communication protocols,
✴ Fault detection with VPN.
✴ One-on-one or online training support for the user.


✴ Industrial Controls,
✴ Power System Monitoring,
✴ Environmental Monitoring,
✴ Data logger,
✴ Cold Chain Monitoring,