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IWrap - Fully Automatic Food Packaging System Card

We provide solutions with embedded software systems instead of high-cost products such as our packaging card, PLC, which is especially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We can provide optimization for many similar systems, such as at your request. By combining machines with embedded software systems, we design them with lower cost, high security, sustainability and in accordance with customer needs. The primary purpose of food packaging should continue to be to protect the safety, integrity and quality of food. The environmental impact of packaging waste can be minimized by choosing materials prudently, following EPA guidelines, and reviewing packaging expectations for environmental impact.


✴ 50 Hz, 210 - 230 VAC operating voltage,
✴ 1 x NTC sensor 0.12C temperature resolution,
✴ 1 x digital input,
✴ 1 x analog sensor input,
✴ 2 x magnetic sensor inputs,
✴ 7 x Max 250 VAC 16A Relay Control,
✴ -100 / 0 KPa pressure measurement,
✴ Services offered as output screen, 7 Segment Display, 16x2 LCD Screen or HMI


✴ Cost: Lower cost all the other automation systems,
✴ Sustainability : To ensure the sustainable operation_of the machine ,
✴ HelpDesk : Remotely solve production problems quickly,
✴ Traceability : Interface or Wifi Control.


✴ Food Packaging Machines,
✴ Animal Food Packaging Machines,
✴ All Small and Medium Product Packaging Machines,
✴ Industrial Controls.