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Our activities, which started in December 2017 by offering hardware and software solutions, enabled us to focus on one of the global challenges. Hardware design, Embedded system software, Mobile software, Web automation, image processing technologies, mainly Industry 4.0 services are provided through Monicont IOT platform. Monicont, which has produced many solutions to date, has achieved its goals in the first 2 years in the sector. Thanks to our special hardware and software in the field of industrial automation, we have produced active solutions for many of our customers. Netherlands and Turkey have made it easy for our producers in the works thanks to special hardware and software design.


To provide effective solutions that enhance profitability and productivity in business areas where rapid changeand intense competition are experienced and also to extend these services to rural communities in order to improve their quality of life.


To become a leading technology company that develops, offers and distributes value-added technology-based solutions that increase competitive power and are parallel to advancing technologies.


- Excellence in service and production,
- To give importance to team work,
- Being respectful and sensitive to the environment,
- Respect the employees' personalities, pay attention to the company, their contributions, thoughts and suggestions,
- Having good relations with our dealers,
- To provide our dealers with training and application support, to provide them with a better service,
- Being a leader in innovations and creativity,
- Providing permanent competitive advantages,
- To be the pioneer and leading company preferred in its sector.


Personal Qualities

- Creativity, reliability, change, analytical thinking, leadership, patience, determination, using initiative, business ethics.

Behavior Changes

- To comply with company discipline, in-house procedures and instructions, effective and correct use of time, to be sharing, to consider criticisms.

Customer happiness

- To develop by applying Total Quality Management and customer REQUESTS standards,
- To be a leader in creating added value for our customers,
- To increase the profitability and efficiency of our customers,
- Using the technological infrastructure effectively and efficiently,
- To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with the service we provide to our customers,
- To be sensitive to expectations and complaints,

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