Digital Form - Digital Vehicle Delivery Application (Vehicle Leasing System)

The aim is to store all documents in a digital environment, by acquiring the digital signature of the client storing this signature for both future reference and ease of use. This process is both environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of paper in car rental transactions and it also allows for a safer and more easy to reach database for the rental company. By preventing the printing of the contracts from the printer, the need for paper and the loss of time have been avoided. A patent has been acquired for this software again ensuring authenticity and our ability to create new and exciting products that create more efficient and easier to process technology. With this project, which provided time and financial gain to the company, customer satisfaction was also increased.


✴ With the active use of the application, the need for paper and printer is eliminated and savings are achieved. The effort of physically archiving and the problem of accessing the relevant documents in case of need are eliminated, and faster access and storage convenience is provided,
✴ In cases where a copy of the customer's ID and passport is required, it is ensured that the photo is taken with a mobile device to include it in the relevant contract,
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