ITURN - Awning Control System Card (Pergola)

Moving tente systems, which are among the most preferred models among tente systems, are manufactured to operate with electricity. Moving systems, which can be opened and closed with a motorised system, are the most widely used tente system type. Our product provides the control of movable tente systems. Thanks to the rain, sun and wind sensors on it, it automatically fulfills the scenario function according to its type. According to the wishes of the customers, it can be controlled with the RF433 controller or via Wi-Fi. The control of the led strip up to 24V 12A can be provided via the remote control or via Wi-Fi.


✴ 24V 500mA current consumption (Motors and LED strip currents are not included),
✴ RF433 Mhz 30 meters open distance control by remote control,
✴ Control via Wi-Fi connection via lOT cloud,
✴ Ability to add extra scenarios on Wi-Fi devices,
✴ 1 x Turbinal engine control,
✴ 4 x Actuator motor control,
✴ Turbinal motor maximum current level adjustment,
✴ Control of the maximum currents of the actuator motors,
✴ Controlling the current difference between the actuator motors,
✴ Single color led strip control with 96W maximum current with 24V DC voltage.


✴ It can be mounted on the device; With rain, sun and wind sensors, it automatically fulfills its task according to the scenario according to its type, ✴ It provides the user's comfort zone, ✴ It automatically adjusts your movable awning for you to protect you from rain in rainy weather and from heat in sunny weather.


✴ Awning control systems.